Design for Developers

Learn how to make the sites you code both beautiful & user-friendly.

This course covers everything that developers (and beginner designers) struggle with when it comes to design. It's a mixture of design theory combined with design practice. Throughout this course we'll go step by step through the process of creating a full design for a company called Awesome Lawn.

What's included

7 texts
67 videos
10 files
UX UI Web Design Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Can developers actually become good designers?

Yes, absolutely. Design is a skill that can be learned just like learning to code. You did not know how to code when you were born. You picked it up through practice, trial & error. Design is the same way. You are in luck though because you do not have to go through the trial & error like I did. This is THE course for developers who want to become confident designers. After going through the Design for Developers course, you will have the knowledge to design beautiful & user-friendly websites.

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if 1) You want to become a confident designer. 2) You are tired of relying on bootstrap for your UI. 3) You want to set your site design apart from everyone else. 4) You want to improve the design of the sites you are building without needing to hire a designer. 5) You do not want to waste time searching through the sea of information out there. 6) You want a structured, concise, and value-packed course to guide you.

I'm a total beginner, is this course for me?

Yep, this course assumes you have no prior knowledge of design. No previous experience required.

How long do I have access?

Forever. Seriously. After you sign up you will be able to access the course lessons whenever you like and across any device you own.

I don't know how to use Sketch or Photoshop. Will I still be able to go through this course?

Yes. Design is more than just knowing how to use the tools. But do not worry, I teach you how to use both Photoshop & Sketch in this course too :)

What if I hate it?

Whoa now, hate is a pretty strong word! But if you are unhappy with the course just contact me within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund your money. Simple as that :)

  What is this course all about?
  What is design?
  UI vs UX
  Sketch vs Photoshop
  Enjoy the Journey
The Foundations
  The elements of design
  The principles of design
Design Mistakes to Avoid
  Design Mistakes 1-4
  Design Mistakes 5-8
  Design Mistakes 9-12
Planning, ideas & inspiration
  The Design Brief
  Awesome Lawn Design Brief
  Design Brief Template
  Mind Mapping
  Mind Mapping Tools & Resources
  Awesome Lawn Mind Map
  Mood Boards
  Mood Board Tools & Resources
  My favorite places to find inspiration
Choosing Colors
  Color Theory
  Psychology of color
  How I choose colors
  Style Guide Template
  Choosing colors for Awesome Lawn
  Tips on working with colors
  Where to find color inspiration
Choosing Typography
  Principles of typography
  Anatomy of a typeface
  Choosing fonts for Awesome Lawn
  Working with type
  My favorite fonts + where to find fonts to use + font tools
Photography, lighting and shadows
  Working with photography
  Where to find (free) photography to use in your designs.
  Working with lighting and shadows
User experience
  What is UX?
  How to create the perfect UX
  UX Tools (Research, testing & prototyping)
Laying out your content
  Laying out your content
  All about wireframing
  Grids, visual hierarchy and spacing
  Wireframe & Userflow UI Kit Bundle
  Awesome Lawn userflow wireframes
  Awesome Lawn Homepage Wireframes
  Sign In & Up Wireframes
  Dashboard wireframes
  Account page wireframes
  New services wireframes
  Contact page wireframes
Designing the Awesome Lawn Site
  Homepage part 1
  Homepage part 2
  Sign in page
  Sign up page
  Dashboard page
  Accounts Page
  New services overlay
  Contact page
  Mobile homepage
  Mobile sign in page
  Mobile sign up page
  Mobile dashboard
  Mobile accounts page
  Mobile new services overlay
  Mobile contact page
Navigating Sketch
  Sketch overview
  The inspector
  The layers panel
  Working with shapes
  Working with type
  Grids, layouts & guides
  Alignment & distribution
  Exporting assets
Navigating Photoshop
  Document types
  The layers panel
  Awesome Lawn Design (Sketch)
  Awesome Lawn Style Guide (Sketch)
  Awesome Lawn Photography
  Wireframing Kit
  Starter style guide template (Sketch)
  Starter style guide template (PSD)

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